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Why Starfish?

 Starfish is known to have strong reproductive power and some species are an indiscriminate predator to both shells and coral reefs. 

 Starfish is known to be a marine waste in some areas due to some starfish species. 

 The problems caused by some starfish species are a global issue and is a nuisance to many governments. 

 STARs Tech’s ECO-ST1 helps reduce the free chloride concentration by the use of starfish extract. 

 Today the elevated chloride concentrations are inhibiting plant growth, impairing reproduction and reducing the diversity of organisms. 

 STARs tech can introduce you a perfect product that helps and benefits in both the environment and marine ecosystems.

ECO-ST1's starfish Extracts can help by

1.    Create and develop Green environment for future generations.

2.    Reduce marine waste by the use of starfish and save marine ecosystems.

3.    Reduce the free chloride-ion concentrations.