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ECO-ST1 SERUM for Manufacturers

ECO-ST1 SERUM for Cities

Bring STARs tech revolutionary news deicing product to your city with our ECO-ST1 SERUM which provides the same performance and benefits of our existing ECO-ST1 Deicing product but in a serum form that can be mixed with your existing Road Salt Deicing solution.

ECO-ST1 SERUM is composed of two substances.

1. Liquid substance that serves as a Coating agent.

2. Solid substance that makes the product Eco-friendly.

 You can simply add 'ECO-ST1 SERUM' by mixing the serum with your existing ROAD SALT product at a constant ratio. As a result, you can produce an Eco-friendly Road salt product with better melting performance just like our ‘ECO-ST1’. 

ECO-ST1 SERUM is also a great solution for existing Road Salt and Deicing manufacturer as a superior solution for existing customers. 

With ECO-ST1 SERUM, you can produce and sell the advanced version of your existing product simply by adding and mixing our serum. 

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This experiment was conducted at -5oC to test the melting performance of ECO-ST1 serum compared to road salts. Green color dye was added to easily detect the changes in the water level. After 60 minutes, ECO-ST1 serum melted 115% of the ice compared to the road salt. This proves that the melting performance was improved by the addition of the ECO-ST1 serum to the road salt.