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The Best Melting Performance

 Eco-friendly  Deicer using extracts from starfish 

The melting performances of Eco-friendly Deicers including STARs tech's 'ECO-ST1' and C Company's Road Salt were compared at 15℉, the average winter temperature in the U.S.A. for 60 minutes.  'ECO-ST1' has a melting performance of 166% compared to Road Salt's performance. This was confirmed by the Korea Conformity Laboratories, International Certificate of Accreditation.

 The mixture of Road Salt and Calcium chloride is widely used in the market for its high melting performance. Road Salt mixture's melting performance drops significantly if the average temperature drops below 15℉. However, 'ECO-ST1' has a maximum melting performance of 126% compared to the Road Salt mixture.

 Additionally, 'ECO-ST1' can be used in a wide range of temperatures, so it can be used in different snowy areas. Most importantly, the initial melting performance is significantly more effective compared to the Road Salt mixture, allowing immediate snow removal.

Melting Performance Video

This experiment was conducted at -5oC to test the melting performance of ECO-ST1 compared to other eco-friendly ice deicers (H Co. and S Co.) and road salt. Green color dye was added to easily detect the changes in the water level. After 60 minutes, ECO-ST1 melted 154% of the ice compared to the road salt and showed the fastest melting performance among the four ice deicers.