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Safe for Kids & Pets

Why Traditional Deicer is harmful to kids & Pet?

Traditional deicers contain large amounts of 

chlorides and this can cause threats and symptoms to kids and pets,

 The threats caused by the traditional salts/deicers

1. Deicers melt the ice by an exothermic reaction, the hot temperature can cause burns on the paws of the pets.

2. Ingestion of Chlorides can irritate gastrointestinal system and can trigger seizures.

3. The fine powder of Deicers can cause respiratory problems.

4. The Chlorides can dry the paws and cause cracking on the skin.

ECO-ST1’s innovative technology can protect kids and pets from this threat!

 How can ECO-ST1 solve this problem?

1. Prevent burns by reducing heat output by one-third of calcium chloride. 

2. Reduction of free-Chloride ion contents after melting ice.

3. Dust-free product can prevent respiratory disease.

4. Prevent ingestion by the addition of a special formula related to smell

5. Dust free for prevent respiratory disease.