A New Paradigm of Eco-friendly Deicer


STARs tech produces the Eco-friendly Deicing products hat can solve environmental problems related to the use of Road Salt. Although deicing performance of Road Salt products are good, the environmental damage to concrete and road, defoliate street trees, and corrodes bridge and cars is immense.


At STARs tech we proudly introduce the worlds first deicing technology utilized starfish extract to greatly increase the performance and reduce the environmental impact caused by existing salt products on their own. Our first product, 'ECO-ST1' has the slogan"Save the Environment with Waste!" because it uses starfish, the marine waste as its main ingredient. Starfish is marine waste, that has caused damage to the aquaculture industry at a rate of $10 million per year. 

Our applied technology is completely different to other existing eco-friendly deicers.'ECO-ST1' has superior Melting Performance and Corrosion Inhibition power as compared with Road Salt solution used today. All technologies related to ECO-ST1 is globally patented and testing by international testing house for performance and safety.

STARs tech’s goal is to lead the way to protect the environment and help the marine eco-system suffering from starfish problems as well as provide a superior and revolutionary product in the global deicing market.


Thank you very much.


 Yang Seung Chan