About Us

Our Vision

Save the Environment with Renewable Bio-waste

STAR's TECH developed Starfish De-icer 'ECO-ST'
to solve environmental damages done during the snow
removal process and reduce the starfish damage.

For the winter snow removal process, calcium chloride or salt are widely used.
The chloride Ion, however, the byproduct from de-icing process corrodes metal,
damages concrete, and kill plants causing serious environmental damage.
Other eco-friendly de-icers have been developed to solve these problems,
but these products couldn't overcome the barrier of performance, high price, and
environmental problems. ECO-ST solves all of the remaining issues by using
marine wastes starfish.

STAR's TECH developed an eco-friendly de-icer made by using
bone chips obtained from our extraction process technology from
starfish, and ‘PENELLAGEN’, a starfish collagen cosmetic ingredient
that reaches the dermis with collagen extracted from starfish.
By commercializing the by-products generated after the extraction
process as fertilizer, the leftovers are also upcycled
ensuring zero waste generated.

STAR's TECH aims to preserve the global environment and create a better tomorrow through perfect upcycling.

Our History

The path we have followed

  • 2021

    • Established Eastern European Corporation
    • Opened Sales in North American De-icer Market (Amazon, Etc.)
    • Launched 4-Kinds Complex Liquid Fertilizer
    • Published CSI-level Thesis on Penellagen
    • Series B Investment
    • Registered Penellagen Technology Patent
  • 2020

    • Est. Yeosu Plant(factory), Production of Liquid Eco-Friendly De-icer and chemicals
    • Selected as the First Penguin type startup
    • Seleced as a Baby Unicorn Startup
    • Acquired NEP certification
  • 2019

    • Series A Investment (2M USD)
    • Obtained Excellent Performance Certification
    • Expansion and relocation of Dangjin Factory (Dangjin Industrial Complex)
    • Applied Automation Facility / Smart Factory
    • Recommendation Preferred Purchase of Outstanding Invention
    • Designated as Excellent Product in Procurement Market
    • Designated as Innovative Prototype in Procurement Market
  • 2018

    • SEED Investment (150K USD)
    • Est. Dangjin Factory Selected by TIPS (Tech Incubator for Startup)
    • Obtained Venture Certification
    • Strategic angel investment (100K USD)
    • Obtained eco-label certification
    • Registered ECO-ST1 Technology Patent
    • Won the 2nd Place at Startup BigBang(JTBC) received 300K