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*Inquiry Officer / Person
01. Contact Information
02. Your Inquiry


Purpose of collecting and using personal information

STAR's TECH collects, holds, and processes the personal information you provide in compliance with the personal information protection regulations in accordance with laws such as the “PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION ACT”. In relation to the collection, use and provision of your personal information to third parties, please carefully read and agree to the following information.


1. Personal Information Collection items

(1) Mandatory Items : NAME, TEL, E-Mail ADDR, MESSAGE(Title, Contents), Co.NAME, POSITION

(2) Optional Items : Business Info, Attachment


2. Purpose

STAR's TECH collects your information in order to handle the task mentioned below:

(1) Replying to the received inquiry


3. Retention Period for User Information

STAR's TECH receives and stores the user information under the policy mentioned below, and will be promptly deleted after the term.

(1) Retention period of user information received duringthe inquiry(Email, Customer Service) : 3 Years


4. Right to Refuse Consent and Disadvantages for Non-agreement.

Users can refuse STAR's TECH's consent, however, refused users may have restrictions during the inquiry.


STAR'S TECH, Room 1203, Mario Tower, 28,
Digital-ro 30-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea