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STAR's TECH is waiting for

talented people to work with

passion to change the world

in better ways.

Current Job Openings

STAR's TECH is continously hiring!

If there is a need for the job for which the applicant has applied, an interview will be conducted.

Please submit your resume, portfolio, and other supporting documents altogether.

Online Application

Submitted documents will not be returned.
Documents submitted online will not be used for any purpose other than STAR's TECH's recruitment processes.

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Purpose of collecting and using personal information

STAR's TECH collects, holds, and processes the personal information you provide in compliance with the personal information protection regulations in accordance with laws such as the “PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION ACT”. In relation to the collection, use and provision of your personal information to third parties, please carefully read and agree to the following information.


1. Personal Information Collection items

(1) Mandatory Items : Name, Phone number, Email, Address, Date of Birth, Gender


2. Purpose

STAR's TECH collects your information in order to handle the task mentioned below:

- Applicant registration, identification, and management

- Application process management

- Sending application information and handling inquiries with the applicant