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ECO-ST reduces indirect costs to 90%
associated with snow removal processes.

ECO-ST prevents traffic accidents through superior de-icing
performance and saves the roads, bridges, vehicles, and guard rails
repairing cost by minimizing concrete damages and corrosion.
ECO-ST also solves the street trees damage by reducing the yellowing
effect of plants and prevents fatal respiratory diseases as well as pets paws burns.

How to use
Temperature Condition 0ºC ~ -5ºC -5ºC ~ -15ºC -15ºC ~ -25ºC -25ºC ~ -35ºC
Less than 3cm(1.18 inch) of snow load 30 g/m² 60 g/m² 90 g/m² 120 g/m²
More than 3cm(1.18 inch) of snow load 40 g/m² 70 g/m² 100 g/m² 130 g/m²

- If the snow has piled more than 5cm(1.96 inch), Please shovel the area before applying

- Required amount of de-icer may vary depending on the condition of the atmosphere.

Starfish De-icer 'ECO-ST'

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ECO-ST Product Performances

Melting Performances


Concrete Damage

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